11 Months.

23 Jul

I am so happy to know that people are reading this blog and that it has given so many insight on hip pain.  I also feel so fortunate to live in an area that has such great physicians who can provide treatment.  I didn’t realize how difficult it is for so many to obtain diagnosis, or even treatment.  I’m going to try to update more.  I know that when I was going through the pain I had little resources on what to expect. 

So my right hip, (the one with the tear but has not been repaired) really has not been bothering me.  I have started a pain calendar, which I really recommend that others try to do if they are contemplating surgery, or while waiting for a diagnosis/consult.  I mark my activities and if I am in pain. In the last 30 days, I’ve only had about 5 painful days, in which the pain lasts less than a few hours.  I also know that if I feel the pain start I can do a few PT exercises to make the pain stop.  I start paying more attention to the way I am walking and standing, which then decreases the pain.  My only major setback in the last few months was when I did something to my back.  I was in horrible pain for a week, had 1 ER visit because I could barely walk with the back pain.  It messed up the way I was walking, but I saw a chiropractor for two adjustments and it helped.  I also have bronchitis right now and was coughing so hard last week that I think I bruised some ribs, which also makes it hard to feel back to normal.  Things like this make you realize that your body really does work together, and that if one area is not fully functional, it really can affect the big picture.  So now that I am getting over the bronchitis, I am starting to get back to normal.  My operative hip really hurt in the last two weeks, but just related to lack of activities then a sudden increase in activity (returning to work after vacation, swimming and rearranging my house).

Right now I am leaning towards postponing my other surgery, which is schedule for late September.  I’m going to talk to my doctor on my 1 year post-op visit.  I feel that now that I can recognize when it hurts and what to do, I may be okay.  It has never once been as bad as my left hip. 

I switched shoes again.  I know that seems so petty, but it makes an enormous difference.  I started wearing my Alegria shoes again at work, which really change my position.  They rock me forward and takes pressure off my hips where they tend to hurt.  I do need to get another pair because the velcro is wearing off.  They have super cute ones here.  

I do worry about pregnancy and not getting surgery, but with being so busy with graduate school, I also haven’t been thinking a lot about baby #2.  I do know I am approaching a point where I should start thinking about it, because I need to time my clinicals around pregnancy and a baby.  I have found a potential preceptor an hour away for my births, but for my well-woman office visit portion I am hoping to stay close to home…we will see. 



6 Apr

I am so happy that people are reading this blog that have similar issues!  The comments are wonderful and I feel like I am meeting my goal of providing insight and reassurance to those who are going through the same thing.  Two questions that I would like to answer are about footwear and if I am glad that I had the surgery.

1. Before surgery wearing anything that would slide off (clogs, flip flops, Toms) would cause major pain.  Wearing other shoes would cause pain enough to still make me limp, but not as severe.  As a nurse, I would wear Dansko clogs.  Wearing plain blue OR scrubs is very boring and I liked wearing bright red shiny shoes, or glittery clogs while at work.  While they made my back feel better, they made my hip worse.  I think it is because they alter your position somehow and depending on the location of the tear, it could make the pain worse.  The only shoe that would give some some sort of relief are these. After surgery, wearing New Balances has been good. I like the old school type just for looks…same with Saucony. I am wearing Toms again, along with a pair of Vans occasionally- taking my kid to the park, going out, etc. I find that I am paying very close attention to how I walk and I wouldn’t have worn them earlier than 4 months. I DO NOT WEAR HEELS. I refuse. To me it just seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

2. I AM SO GLAD I HAD THIS SURGERY. Seriously, I think that this was a great decision and this is why I am having the surgery again later this year although the pain is not nearly as bad as what it was before. I do not want it to get to that point. I think that my surgeon is freaking amazing and am thankful everyday that he was able to fix me. There were ups and downs, but all in all, this was a very good move.

I am done with Physical Therapy!!! I am actually doing my exercises MORE than before because I know that I absolutely have to. I can feel when I am starting to lose strength and just do them. The best move that I can do before starting to exercise is getting on my hands and knees and rocking back and forth. I feel that everything just glides better and I have less pain- even on my right side that still has a tear. I’ve been more active and lost 5 lbs. I have 25 more to go by 9/21. I think that being lighter will help with my recovery. Before having my son I was a size 6, 137 lbs. After surgery I was a 12. I bought a pair of size 10 jeans last week.

Graduate School is crazy! I love it but I am spending so much time studying. I am getting my MSN in Nurse Midwifery and then completing the Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner program so I will have two certifications. I started a private practice lactation business with three amazing women, which is just getting started. Check us out: tworiverslactation.com I am still working full time, which is do-able, but with other responsibilities and family issues I had to cut back on some “extras”. I still love my job 🙂

Baby or surgery?

17 Dec

Talked to my doctor today for the first time since finding out the results of the MRI.  Basically the tear is not going to fix itself and will more than likely cause more pain in the future.  I can still do lots of PT to protect the hip and keep it strong, but one day it will more than likely need to be fixed. 

I also would like to have a baby.  Not this minute, but sometime within the next 24 months.  Before E turns five.  I would also like to breastfeed that baby for two years, just like E.  I know I do not HAVE to nurse for two years, but not breastfeeding for that long would be very hard because as a Lactation Consultant, it’s what I feel is personally best for my children, and what the WHO recommends.  Since I will be on aspirin to prevent blood clots (and not baby aspirin) I would not be able to nurse for at least 6-8 weeks.  I will also need anesthesia, which is short acting, but I will be away from my baby for awhile.  I will also have to take Naproxen again, which isn’t the greatest for breastfeeding moms.  I also cannot imagine having a nursing baby while being in recovery after surgery.  As an OB nurse, I feel that not having a stable pelvis and hip joints could affect my labor- just my own personal opinion. 

Right now my other hip is so much better.  I never want to get to the point of where I was before.  While the tear is smaller, it’s still torn. 

When I weight the pros and cons, I feel that having surgery within the year outweighs waiting and getting pregnant.  Maybe PT will make it better, but what if one day it’s so bad that I cannot even hold this future baby, just like I couldn’t hold E, or even get him in and out of the car seat.  If I have the surgery this year, I can basically start trying 3-4 months post-op.


And the results are…

13 Dec

A 5 mm labral tear in the RIGHT hip. 

My last tear was 1 cm, so this is good that it is smaller.  The location is exactly the same. 

I started to cry when I hung up the phone after finding out the results, but I was so busy trying to get myself together for PT that I just stopped thinking about it.  After speaking with my PT I am optimistic that we can get through this without immediate surgery.  I just really need to keep my hips strong and not do anything that would cause stress on them.  I think this whole going back to school for my MSN is good because it’s a step closer to leaving floor nursing.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but it’s just physically hard sometimes and not worth the strain.  I’m not even 30 and I’ve got hip and back problems. 

I’m waiting for my doctor to call me back with more information. 

Round two.

29 Nov

MRI arthrogram for RIGHT hip scheduled.  Hoping that there is no tear and this is just over compensation from the left hip.  FYI- this hip was the original hip that caused me to go to PT #1 in early 2009.  I then broke my foot and then it shifted over to the other hip.  I sound like a disaster. 


Don’t put your kids in gymnastics.  You become hyper flexible over the years and lose stability.  Then things like this are more likely to happen.  In my opinion, I feel that this is a total combination of three things that all collided and resulted in this. 

1.  Being totally hyper flexible.  I thought this was a good thing, but you bend in certain ways that your body should not do. 

2.  Having a prior back injury in 2006.  I had steroid injections which sorta helped, but PT helped the most.  The problem is pretty much solved and I do not have problems with I use the right body mechanics.  However, hips and backs can play into one another; if one is not stable the others can try to compensate leading to malfunction.

3.  Epidural + pulling my legs back really far while laying on my back because my son was asynclitic (head tilted on the side) when he was born.  Even knowing this, I was put into positions that helped him come out “the old fashioned way” and this position was very helpful with getting him out in combination with squatting, pushing on my side, etc. I know that if I was anywhere else I would have had a c-section otherwise and I am thankful that I didn’t, even with having to go through all of this. 


In my last visit I was told that next time I could have a “light epidural” if I was in a better position.  If there is a next time I am going without and going to try to deliver in a better position (if the baby cooperates).  However, I know that certain things happen and this may not be possible. 


Will update with the MRI results.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me 🙂

25 Nov

And the other hip is starting to hurt…

Three Months Officially.

12 Nov

The heart stuff has resolved.  Possibly related to the high doses of Naproxen.

My insurance has not approved more PT.  They have not denied it but it’s been over a week since the request was submitted and still no answer.  I am very nervous about this!

Back to work in a few days.  I am worried about bending over, lifting, etc.  but I am sure I will find a way to manage!  I was in Kentucky all week for grad school orientation and was very active.  I have not had this much pain in awhile and I feel like it prepared me on what to expect with working, which is basically that I will be in pain most of the time.  There will be good days and bad days, and over all the pain is better than what it was before, but when I do certain movements, the pain is excruciating.  Since I cannot take the Naproxen I am back to taking Voltaren just because it was what worked before surgery.

I will update after I return to work!